Lighting, Health and Wealth

Singapore, 4th April 2012

It is undeniable that a good health is at the base of everything in life and as lighting can contribute to a better wellbeing, it is important that we do not forget to look at the holistic side of lighting. Philips, as many other leading manufacturers, has been instrumental in researching how lighting can improve our wellbeing. I attended with interest a presentation in our office today about the latest developments in regards to sustainable and holistic lighting. I headed this blog with the title lighting, health and wealth as of course all this in the end is done with the bottom line in mind. All these researches, lighting strategies and solutions are well meant, with true purpose and intention, but one has to realise (accept?) that if there was no money to be made with these, it would not be pushed to the limit by the manufacturers. LED of course is at the heart of everything nowadays.

Having said that it is quite exciting to see how LED’s and OLED’s (at the centre of the presentation made to us today) will transform our life and the way we think about lighting. While many of us are still thinking in traditional and conventional ways (me often included!), we have to accept that this lighting technology has infinite opportunities. The fact that we can integrate the LED technology in building materials, fabrics, furniture and in the case of OLEDS can configure it to be transparent or reflective opens a whole new realm of applications. Set that against the background of the unbelievably fast developing information and communication technologies, social networking and you have a totally new mix of elements to create new lighting designs. The gap between your IPhone touchscreen information technology and the OLED lighting technology is practically bridged!

As to health we now have the opportunity to truthfully reproduce daylight characteristics as we tune the (LED) lighting to our needs in terms of colour, intensity, exposure together with its biological and emotional impact. All this wrapped inside the sustainability packaging of course!
Light & Learn 3-12:
About tuning the light to daylight characteristics to activate, melatonin or cortisol (picture courtesy of Philips).

OLED technology

04. April 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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