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Singapore, 11th April 2012

We all know the expression “music to your ears”…now there is also “light to your ears”. I am Linked-In to various discussion groups on the subject of lighting, lighting design and related applications of interest. Over the last few days a subject popped up in which someone discussed the use of light therapy through the ears. Build like your regular Ipod with ear phones, it has LED lights of a certain wavelength that penetrate directly via your ear channel to your brain.

According to the product statement the “brain simulation head set”, I quote, substitute the mood elevating effects of the sun, by channelling safe bright light directly to photo sensitive regions of the brain. It is said that our brain are as sensitive to light as our eyes. The promoted benefits are increased energy levels and prevention and treatment of mood swings. It boasts to have a CE Class II medical device certification and that it has been clinically tested.

I can’t really judge or verify the truthful ness of the products workings and results, but could imagine that it can have a positive impact on the body. I find it interesting enough to mention it as more and more research is  being done with lighting to find how we can simulate our natural source of (day)light and reproduce its known remedial effect on our health and body. Serotonin, melatonin and other hormones in the brain play active roles in regulating our mood, sleep and depressions so this light therefore is claimed to have effect on well-known things like seasonal affective disorder (SAD), the so called winter blues, of course our body’s circadian rhythms and has a positive influence on sleep disorder and jet lag. Studies show effective results with this product within 8-12 minutes of use! Which would be far more efficient that the traditional exposure to light. I have not been able to determine at what wavelength and colour temperature the light operates.

Again I have to state I just go by what the website of the product claims and have at this stage no way of verifying whether the claims are true even though it appears the studies and researches have been underwritten and publicised by the University of Oulu in Finland including official papers on the matter.

Light Watch 3-50: In light watch some pictures and schematics to show its working

11. April 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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  1. Nice cooky conspicuos gadged. Already enlightened in believing from the inside. But lack of light from the outside may make a change not to be perceived in some ways… *thkn*

    Happy Thinking!

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