Light & Build 2012 Day 1

Frankfurt, 16th April 2012

Arrived in Frankfurt on Saturday to attend the PLDA Annual General Meeting and had my first day at the fair yesterday. Many friends and familiar faces…I will not be reporting on L&B (yet) just share some pictures to share the mood and ambiance with you. Over the next few weeks I will undoubtedly come back and share my experience and findings of Light & Build. For those here in Frankfurt do look me up! I am somewhere around 🙂

Light Watch 3-53: Light & Build 2012 PLDA AGM/ Day 1

PLDA “standing” committee of directors and coordinators

Inspecting the PLDA booth on Sunday

Erco stand promoting their 7.62w.m2 energy usage on the stand

Local dimming option on the fitting

Viabizzuno outdoor plaza

Viabizzuno stairway to “heaven’

Endo 1030 Watt conventional versus 411 Watt LED

Some Artemide classics refitted with LED 🙂

16. April 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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