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Singapore, 13th April 2012

Anyone superstitious?…Today is Friday the 13th….

I am not really superstitious but over the years I have learned to appreciate things like Feng-Shui and numerology. If I can I will avoid the numbers 4 and 13 (adds up to 4) at funny places like check in counters for instance. As I am flying of to Frankfurt tonight, I will watch out for the flight check in or immigration counter number. For me 3 is probably my favourite, followed by 1, 2 and 7, don’t ask me why exactly…these are probably the numbers that have done me well over the years. I am born on the 3rd (May), lived at nr 3 in Holland (my parents live there!), live at nr 3 in Perth, have my office at 03-09 (ads up to 12 and 3) in Singapore, KLD is my 3rd (and final) venture… I am sure we all have our favourite numbers and colours….

Anyhow off to Frankfurt tonight with lots of excitement and expectation. As I mention in my heading it will be very much about innovations and revolutions. So much has happened since the light L&B in 2010, so many technological developments have taken place, quality and performances have improved so much, so many players have joined the LED race that each and every-one will be out there to vow customers and specifiers like ourselves and show of why they are leading the pack. We have been privy to main peek previews over the last couple of weeks and from experience I know that many manufacturers will not only have the latest on show in their stand for the general public, but also have some further innovations cooking in their kitchens which they will show in the back to selected lighting specialist to get some feedback… I am looking forward to it. This year shapes up as a little LED revolution…

Light Watch 3-52: Innovation comes in many forms and sometimes in the least expected applications. I was recently made aware of a US company (Revo-Lights) who developed a “revolutionary” lighting system for bikes, yes using LED of course. To me this is a typical example of an innovation and a revolution as it takes an existing technology to create a new way of lighting which in the process may revolutionise the way we apply lighting on a bike. Below some pictures taken from their website;

Check out the little video clip:

13. April 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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  1. FUNtastic concept!

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