The world as a market?

Singapore, Wednesday 29th March 2012

My thoughts today have really been consumed with project opportunities around the world and if and how I should go after these. As we get involved more and more with operators and developers operating worldwide, we are presented with project opportunities literally around the globe. Till now my focus has been on projects in the Asia Pacific region with a reach of roughly 5 hours flight around Singapore, reaching out to projects in Australia in the South, India in the West, China in the North and Philippines in the East, all with little or no time zone difference. Hence jetlag with my frequent travelling is not such a big deal and client contacts are all basically in real time.

I have mixed feelings about it as travelling to “far away” places, requires a much bigger time investment. Instead of a one day trip to Jakarta or Kuala Lumpur, or a 2 day trip to Mumbai or Manila, I am looking at being away possibly 4-5 days at the time, basically a week. Yes, there are the internet and teleconference facilities, but unavoidably design and site coordination meetings will in the end still be required. Time zone differences will be more obvious and impact on communications and jetlag when travelling. So should I or shouldn’t I?

In the same context there is the thought of expanding through offices…should I open an office in another “booming” region, or shouldn’t I? Clients always like local presence but do we really need it? Yes it may bring us some additional work, but as a result some clients expect some lower fees. The trade off is that I may be able to delegate more and travel less…really? I have just decided to start operations in India through an association with a local company in Delhi and am in the process of interviewing a candidate to be based there. Let’s see how that goes… 🙂

Light Watch 3-44: With projects around the world you get used to seeing different skylines of different cities in different parts of the world. Here are a few:

Hong Kong


San Francisco






29. March 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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