The power of Watt?

Singapore 1st March 2012

The issues around power loads per area kept popping up again today. The more I get to deal with these so called energy consultants (I am sure they are real) the more I get worked up about the fact that they seem to be number crunchers and not really in touch with that they are actually recommending. If the energy per square meter is such a big deal why not go back living during day light hours only? I am running a bit of a rant, yes I know, but these energy consultants (hiding behind LEED and Energy Stars and the like) keep pushing power loads without cross checking this with any design intent, lighting level requirements…I blogged about it just recently. And what is this big deal about lighting anyhow, its only 1 or 2 points on the whole LEED point system! It is likely that good design practice is much more important.

This all makes me think that we need to review this LEED and Green Mark trends and really get some sort of standards in place that makes sense when we wish to apply energy loadings to lighting applications. I believe some standards or studies have already linked the power loads to lighting levels, similar to linking lumens to watts. But we may need to expand this further and look at relationships of costs per watt, lighting system power factors (or true power consumption) and so on.

The most difficult part is to quantify an architectural, interior or urban landscape concept into various levels of use and sophistication. We don’t design for lux meters but for people so while the lux maybe an indicative value towards limiting the watt usage required, we may still need to define visual tasks, comfort and mood as part of the criteria for power load values…I am on to it and hope to find some sense and balance amidst all this LED and energy craze, where everybody seems to have something to say, but unfortunately some are driven by commercial motives…

Light Watch 3-29: Talking a bout energy saving, what happened to Fiber Optics? Once hailed as a great energy saving lighting technology it seems totally overrun by LED! As it happens we had a design meeting this afternoon about one of our resort projects and guess what, yes we are proposing good old fiber optics 🙂  Here are some mood images. The last and for last pictures courtesy of Cipriano Landscape Designs; more on these links: Cipriano Landscaping NJ and Cipriano Pool Designs NJ

01. March 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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