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Jakarta 13th March 2012

Today was all in the sign off “The Boss”.  I think that most consultants in the line of this business experience a situation at one point of time that the “Big Boss” needs to give his seal of approval. All this time we have been cruising along with the project manager and the boss’s representative, but there is nothing like “The Boss”, I am sure many can identify with that. So today the project team had come together for this “do or die” presentation to the big boss. As often with clients, like in this project in Jakarta, we needed the boss to be on board as to convert design concept to actual workable design content and details. The “Boss”, while well past retirement age, is still very much involved and probably considers this one of his legacy projects.

As the “Boss” had limited time available we had a dry run with the team and the owners in the morning to make sure all was covered and coordinated and most of all that the presentation was condensed to the key issues at hand. Sequence of presentations was determined to allow decision making to flow naturally. As “often” lighting ended up at the end of the presentation, which was a bit stressing considering I had to leave at a certain time to make my flight back (those who know the notorious Jakarta traffic know what I am talking about). We all know how presentations tend to take longer and divert from the core presentation at times. It is the skill of the presenter to make sure it remains within the goals to be achieved. By the time it was my turn it was basically time for me to leave, so I ended up doing my presentation with the knowledge I may well end up missing my flight. But the client is king and certainly I could not deny the “Boss” my presentation (and I needed to have his stamp of approval too!).

All is well that ends well…as I am writing my blog, I look back on a successful presentation, got my go-ahead and approval and am now sipping from a drink in the airport lounge waiting for my boarding call for my trip back to Singapore…a long but satisfying day with “The Boss”.

Light Watch 3-35: Over the years I have been many times to Jakarta, working for many different ‘Bosses”. Somehow many of my projects are located around one of Jakarta’s famous Salamat Datang (Welcome) Monument. Here are some night views…

13. March 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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