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Manila 16th March 2012

Being an honoured guest speaker at an event comes with responsibilities. It is not just an exercise in self-promotion in which unfortunately too many speakers loose themselves. The fact that you are invited as a speaker already means that you are respected in your profession, that you have a proven track record and that you are there on your merits.

We are there to share our expertise, not just to showcase our work; people can go to your website for that. Project references are just a parade of generally beautiful pictures (some even touched up!) without any explanation on how it was done and what sort of challenges were encountered. Attendants to seminars and conferences generally come to learn something. So sharing your experience is key and part of the experiences to share is how you discovered problems, how you have overcome adversity and learned from your mistakes.

In my presentation today, which was titled the sustainable use of LED lighting technology, I used a project case study to share my experiences in my pursuit of applying 100% LED lighting in a recent project. Yes there were some beautiful project pictures but behind the beauty of the pictures I exposed the issues and challenges we faced to achieve our lighting targets. Too many lighting manufacturers and suppliers (some just having joined the fray with little experience) are jumping on the LED bandwagon with only dollar signs in their eyes, telling their prospective clients all the benefits and beautiful success stories, conveniently (or may be some ignorantly) leaving out the down sides of the technology. As a professional lighting designer I am fortunate to have this platform to share my experience as while this technology has enormous potential, we need to be aware of its pitfalls to make it a success.

I was honoured to be (re)invited as guest speaker at the 14th WorldBex conference in Manila and know that the attendants to my presentation walked away with some new knowledge when it comes to using LED lighting in a sustainable way. While I may be “teaching” today, they will be the teachers of tomorrow.

Light Watch 3-38: We learn from looking around and from what other creative minds achieve with today’s lighting technology. Below some pictures from a show put together by the Wrecking Crew Orchestra from Japan, using LED rope light. I don’t know whether I will ever use these ideas in the future but it certainly helps to continuously inspire my mind and someday it may come out in some other form in one of my designs…

16. March 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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