Qatar Architectural Lighting Summit

Doha, Monday 26th March 2012

Today was the Qatar Architectural Lighting Summit, the main reason for my being here. As one of the invited guest speakers I got to share my experience and expertise with an eager group of participants from different walks of life. Government officials, consulting engineers, project managers, architects, lighting designers and lighting manufacturers formed an interesting audience to the many presentations. It is hard to measure the success of this event as there are many ways to look at it. Let me look at some aspects that make such event successful.

From the participants’ point of view: did they get value for money?
I was told that participants to this event had to fork out a $1500 seminar fee to attend, so that comes with high expectations that a quality field of expert speakers has been assembled presenting topics of great relevance to the participants daily job. While the expertise was certainly there and topics presented had high relevance and interest, I believe that the chosen format of short presentations (30 mins.) with little interaction with the audience did not achieve maximum potential and thus did not achieve maximum value for money.  I am sure that many of the participants took away valuable information, but I can’t help thinking that as a result it may have been to general with not enough debt and practical relevance. The value for money here is having learned something that you can put to beneficial use in your daily work life. The dollar and cents again!

From the speakers point of view: did we deliver the goods?
As a speaker I think I delivered with presentation from which the participants could learn. Not a “look-at-how-beautiful-everything-is” presentation but practical information with an honest sharing of the challenges we face in achieving the desired results. Let’s face it; we all learn and grow from our mistakes! Unfortunately I found that some presentations, though highly relevant and meaningful in content, failed to fully deliver due to overload of information and lack of communication skills. But also for the speakers it is a dollar and cents issue. We put in our time and effort with the aim to in the end connect with that potential client and making sure our audience is satisfied with many questions answered. Of course the response we get from the participants is the biggest boost for us

The idea for the summit was great and the attendance reasonable (I commend all participants who came), but I keep having mixed feelings thinking that it could have been much better with a clear direction and a more lighting committed organiser dedicated to the cause rather than the money they will make of the event.

Am I being too critical or just getting older and too much pampered…?

Light Watch 3-42: To celebrate the successful ending of the event we first had some drinks before embarking on a “night tour” around the city to get a feel of Doha by night. Here is a You Tube link from Doha by night.


27. March 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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  1. Martin I love & thank you for your sincerity and openess

    May we all keep on enlighten ourself hourly

    From Ruhr with light


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