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Perth 8th March 2012

If there is one event I would like to experience as a lighting designer it would have to be a concert spectacular by Jean Michel Jarre, the French composer famous for his multimedia and laser extravaganza’s, some performed for over 1 million people. So the announcement yesterday that JM Jarre will be performing in Perth later in November this year as part of Rendez-Vous Perth, got us all here pretty excited! The show is said to bring the whole city to a stand-still and will be free to watch for all! The costs is believed to be in the millions so it might not be a done deal yet, but with State Government, the City of Perth and other interested organisations all behind the idea, I hope it will indeed manifest itself.

What attracts me in these events is my admiration for people who have this gift to create things new and push the boundaries to levels never seen before. As a designer and creative person myself I can but admire that.  It takes guts and a firm belief to move these things from conceptual ideas to something that is actually realised. So these guys, besides believing in their idea must also have a strong personality and ability to sell their concept to those who would be able to finance such events.

We face exactly the same situation in our day to day work as architectural project lighting designers, whatever we come up with, whether boundary breaking like JMJ or just an innovative lighting application on a smaller scale, somebody still need to fork out the money. So it comes down to your belief, conviction and ability to sell your concept. Of course it has to make financial sense and be based on sound underlying principles, value for money and so on, even though some revenues like tourism income cannot always be exactly quantified. In this case of JMJ coming to Perth it is anticipated that it will indirectly support the local industry to a great extent, hence the interest of city and state. People like people who push the boundaries of imagination!

Light Watch 3-33: One of JMJ more recent shows was in Monaco where he performed at the wedding of Prince Albert, see some pictures below.



08. March 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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