Next generation LED’s?

Perth 6th March 2012

I read that an Australian company (BluGlass) seems to have developped the next generation of high efficiency LED’s and solar panels. According to their website (see below) the technology has already resulted in several (14) patents in key areas of the semi-conductor industry following more than 15 years of research at Sydney’s Macquarie University. The company is also listed on the stock exchange since 2006 (anyone interested to buy some shares?). Now I am not a big techno buff so many of the technology jargon is at times a bit over my head, but what I do understand is that it is looking at the same technology to emit light (LED technology) as well as to absorb, convert light (solar panels). The technology they use is called Remote Plasma Chemical Vapour Deposition (or RPCVD) and its key feature seems to be, and I quote from the website: The current process (MOCVD) requires much higher growth temperatures of typically over 1000°C.  With a lower growth temperature than  MOCVD, RPCVD has the potential to allow electronics manufactures to create higher performing devices by reducing the active materials exposure to high temperatures and also reducing the strain on the device, both of which currently lead to performance loss”. This is compared to the current technology widely used for high brightness LED’s called MOCVD (Metal Organics based). While this current technology uses ammonia as part of the process, the new technology can do without it and is hence also more environmentally friendly and safer.

Now I have not been able to find information whether there is already any successful real application other than research results and reports, but I am sure that many R&D departments of the leading LED developers worldwide like CREE, Philips, Nitchia and others doing overtime in their labs to be the first one with the latest break through. It is obviously a multi billion dollar business and being the first with a new break-through technology will put you financially in the driving seat! I was told the other day that the expectation is that by 2020 about 90% of the lighting installations will be LED? At the same 1000’s of LED manufacturers are popping up all over (think China, Japan) to jump on the lucrative band wagon. It just makes you wonder where this is all going…

Light Watch 3-31: Have a look at the website for more info: ; The schematics show the basics of the technology.

06. March 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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