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Doha, Tuesday 27th March 2012

My last day in Doha…I made the best of this day, on the side lines of this event, to go and visit some of the leading developers and consultants in this market to understand and explore potential project opportunities. Some of them I had met during the event yesterday. It is clear from my stay that over the next 10 years a lot is going to be build for the World Cup in 2022 and right now it is safe to say that Doha is one big construction site! One of the speakers yesterday told us that in terms of hotels alone they need to create 90,000 hotel rooms by 2022. I understood that this is a requirement by FIFA. That is a lot of hotels! Then there are the required infra-structure developments and all that on top of the regular developments going on which I mentioned in my earlier blog. I can see now why this country has more than 15% annual growth!

It is fascinating to see how different countries and cultures are. Two weeks ago I was speaking in the Philippines and now in Qatar, two very contrasting countries. While the Philippines very much relies on their human skills, as they are very crafty and creative people, the Qatar economy basically thrives on oil and gas revenues (which by the way is so much that no-one pays taxes here). So the whole country oozes the power of richness…there is clearly money to spent and thus the skyline is full of cranes with working sites everywhere. I once said that a measure of a countries’ economic strength is relative to the number of cranes you can see when you scan the sky line! When I come in a country where there is none or hardly any such activity to notice it generally means the local economy is weak.

I am leaving with a satisfied feeling… I have visited a country that intrigued me since it won the world cup bid and leave with the excitement of the many lighting opportunities in this country.

Light & Learn 3-11: I am inspired today by a quote from someone called Ruth Renkel, that was sent to me by one of the manufacturers recently which goes as follows: “Never fear shadows, it simply means there is a light shining nearby”. I think it is a great quote with a very positive outlook. I have “googled” some images in black and white to exemplify light and shadow. As lighting designers we sometimes seem to forget that there is no light without shadow!


27. March 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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