Expect the unexpected…again

Perth 9th March 2012

I have used this blog title before as it has become one of my “slogans” in life. Life is unpredictable and though we plan our lives to the best of our ability we can’t be on high alert all the time, sometimes you need to be able to drop things at short notice and reschedule your plans to accommodate unexpected (but obviously attractive) opportunities. I used to be very organised and structured; my days very much planned ahead and as a result I was being very inflexible and unexpected events used to derail me emotionally. Over the years I have learned to embrace the unexpected and spontaneously change course if something happened that requires me (or offers me the opportunity) to do so. If you don’t, how will you otherwise ever find out?

Today was such a situation where a long lost client (I had lost track of his whereabouts) contacted me out of the blue with an urgent request. As I am in Perth I could not really meet up with him in Singapore, but I asked one of my staff to go and meet him on my behalf, basically within an hour of his request. I did not really have to think to long about it as when someone like that remembers you and goes out of his way to contact you, you can but appreciate that. It’s these moments that you realise that you musyhave done something right at the time. Following the briefing I received from my staff after the meeting I needed to put a proposal together for submission the same day. I was in a situation where I could drop the work that I was doing and reschedule my afternoon to do this even though I had really planned to do other urgent things. But look at it this way; by accepting the unexpected opportunity rather than ignoring or letting my planned activity take precedence, I have opened the door to a potential new longstanding relationship. I don’t know the outcome as of now, but at least I went with the flow which may lead me to explore new horizons…

PS: I started the blog yesterday but had other things on last night…

Light Watch 3-34: One of the great unexpected and ever changing sights is the way light project shadows. Whether from artificial light sources (like this Tom Dixon lamp), projection or just simple interaction between architecture and (day)light

10. March 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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