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Delhi21st -22nd March 2012

It was another one of those days…I really did not manage to get on to my blog yesterday and today I may have to concede as well so this will be a 2 in 1 blog combining yesterday and today. I arrived inDelhi in the wee hours of the morning and then found myself in client coordination meetings all day. The project team then went out in the evening to check out one of the latest F&B projects to hit the market. As designers we need to keep up with the latest so when we hear of a new venue or project opening its doors we pop in to have a look if we can. It’s amazing how good we suddenly are at finding what does not work…or what we don’t like. In Light Watch today some pictures from our visit. I must say I was quite impressed.

This brings me to lighting concepts, a recurring core element in our daily work as a lighting designer. It all starts with an idea, a concept, right? For the concept to be spot on you need to understand the local history and culture, the clients wishes as well as the group of end users that is targeted to make use of the facility you are designing for. In yesterday’s meeting we had the initial concept presentation from the interior designer (we are renovating an old heritage hotel in Delhi) and even though we have not yet started to develop our lighting concept for the same I used the opportunity to share my design considerations and design intent ideas with the client as to judge and get a feel of their position and desires in regards to lighting in general. In this case issues such as compliance to green standards to obtain some certifications, operational requirements, their feelings about lighting controls and the new LED lighting technology in regards to higher capital investment needs (but with higher returns on investment). Our biggest cue really is the interior design concept as that triggers the direction in which to develop our lighting concept. You have to do your home-work first to have a solid base on which to build your concept, if not it risks to sink even before you can build it 🙂

Light Watch 3-40: Pictures of last night’s visit to Delhi’s latest F&B outlet “On The Waterfront” or OTW. A fusion restaurant designed by Michael Mann (I believe) with an interesting mix of local culture and modern themes. I have to admit that the lighting was well done and well balanced with the interior finishes. As we looked around before having diner I bumped into two Lutron engineers who were still fine tuning the lighting programming. The restaurant is part of the Aman Hotel in Delhi, which was also opened recently to much acclaim. There are indeed some very nice recurring lighting elements (wall washing/ screen patterns) in the hotel but also some serious short comings, but then it is always easy to criticise which I will not do without knowing the project background




22. March 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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