A crazy world

Singapore 2-3rd March 2012

Another week gone past…weekends are good for reflections on work, things that happened, issues to resolve in the week coming, but really weekends should be for personal quality time. I have often mentioned in my blog the importance of balancing work and personal life. But it seems like a crazy world out there in many ways, economically and technology-wise.

Economically the world is still reeling from the FC of 2008 and trying to find its bearings. The Eurozone is in a mess affecting the whole world. Many of our lighting manufacturers are from Europe even though many rely on their manufacturing plants somewhere in China or other Asian countries. Again Asia seems to be the world’s engine, but we do feel the burden through slower than usual project developments, whether actual project progress or new project appointments, at least in my practice. And I am not even talking about the political instability that is happening in various parts of the world; Syria, North Korea, Iraq and election “stress” in countries like the USA, France, Russia, and Australia…

Then there is the technology (read LED) craze. We are entering a dangerous phase in regards to lighting technology. On one hand we have the “old” generation of lighting designers, brought up and skilled in the use of conventional (and still very good) lighting technology, on the other hand the “new” generation who only knows LED as the technology to use and apply. We are even starting to have “new” generation clients who do not know anything else than LED lighting! While the old generation is trying to make sense of the LED technology in comparison with the conventional lighting techniques and performances they have been used to, the new generation is designing without these references with a technology progress which is very hard to comprehend. Today’s technology is already old tomorrow (the I-phone 1, 2, 3, 4 syndrome). So until the LED technology has settled (will it ever?) with common standards and quality performance criteria, we are in a sort of no-man’s land were generations old and new are trying grapple with and make sense of the new LED technology.

Light Watch 3-30: Talking about crazy…a famous French shoe designer (Christian Louboutin for the insiders), also known as the stiletto king or the king of red soles, recently launched his new shoe collection in the Crazy Horse in Paris. The “red hot” show of course wouldn’t be without creative lighting design…


03. March 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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