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Singapore 11th February 2012

It got late yesterday and as you may have noticed I am a bit more relaxed about my daily blogging…:) Had some meetings yesterday, including a presentation of our lighting concept for a mock up room in a hotel in which we are trying to break some new ground. Can’s say too much at this stage, too early days (and for confidentiality reasons) but if it gets approved and we will actually build it I will surely share it. In the evening I caught up with some friends (social networking…) and had dinner with one of the sponsors of my book (Performance in Lighting) who was on a visit in Singapore.  Thanks Roberto!

It’s weekend and I decided to do some spring cleaning in the good old tradition…cleaned out cabinets, re-arranged my office, etc. There is a time for everything and it is easy to get carried away with work all the time. I think in our business (certainly as a business owner) you can find thousand reasons to work…there is always something to be done. The thing is that you also have to make time for yourself, for your family and friends. Today is such day…forget about emails, forget about reports or fee proposals, forget about lighting design in general…Monday is as good as any other day 🙂  If I were in Europe right now I would be away skating away all day over the frozen canals, stopping at the famous “koek en zopie” tents where you can get a hot chocolate, cookies or a hot soup. A day to forget about work and just enjoy life and the wonders of nature…

Light Watch 3-18: Holland is skate crazy these days and as an avid skater in my youth I am really jealous to the point of wanting to jump in plane to join the fun. There is such peaceful feeling when all is snow white, the sun shines in the cold and everyone forgets about his or her troubles to go have fun on the frozen canals. See some pictures of the Dutch skate fever. I think these moments are inspirational (just look at the light!) and create memories forever…forget the Eurozone worries for just a while…(picturs from Google)


11. February 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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