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Bangkok 23rd February 2012

We always have these memorable encounters we remember long afterwards, encounters of the 3rd kind I call them…Today in between meetings we made a cold call on a potential client that happened to be in the same building as were our meeting was. We had a half hour to spare and the name of the company, but did not have any specific person’s name or reference other than the project name and the owning company to make our pitch. As it happened the company occupied 3 floors of the building so we just went in on the first floor to try our luck. The reception did not look too much like the project department division we were looking for and after some cross talking with the Thai receptionist who seemed to be able to do little with our limited info besides the obvious language barrier, but managed to get someone explaining we probably were looking for their office 2 floors up.

When we arrived there we felt much better as we saw scale models of projects all over the place…obviously we were closer to the source. The receptionist didn’t speak much English but we thought she understood us as she said she had called someone to attend to us. Great! A few minutes later a guy emerged introducing himself as the “Ambassador”… the “Ambassador”??? He explained that he was the company’s “ambassador” specially trained to represent the company and attend to customers. A bit like a concierge…cool! He listened to us and disappeared to find the person he thought we were looking for. While he was away we suddenly realised how he had come into the picture. We had mentioned to the receptionist that we were lighting designers and looking to speak to some-one involved in the “Embassy” project. So she must have thought we wanted to speak to their “Ambassador” :)…really funny… It’s a great concept by the way and very customer/ guest friendly, I wish more companies would apply this concept.  Just for the record the guy came back with the right contact person and we walked away with the contact we wanted…and with a great story on how things can get lost in translation…

Light Watch 3-24: Every city has its own feel and Bangkok certainly has its own. But have you ever thought on the urban structure of the city at night and how lighting creates the city pattern easily recognisable from space? I stumbled on these pictures taken from space of some of our major world cities…if you know the city you can surely recognise its illuminated night time foot print! And while you check them out look at the different colour temperatures, lighting density and lighting levels/ brightnesses!

Kuala Lumpur
New York

24. February 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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  1. these pictures are awesome. Care to share me the source ? thank you.

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