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Singapore 8th February 2012

I wish there was a software program that could work out a switch logic for residential and public places. We  spent nearly a day on figuring out a logic for the location of switches and laying out the “logic” of what these switches should actually switch on or off, dim or be connected 2- or 3-way with other switches or motion sensors. We usually don’t go into such depth as our control schedules indicate quite specifically which lights are looped together, what the control logic is (dimming, on-off, etc), what type of switch we require (wall mount, local, control panel, etc) and which switch is to control what circuits. We generally give an indicative location intent on our drawing, but leave the final details such as exact location set out dimensions, shape, form and finishes of the switch plates to interior designer, architect or electrical specialist. Our main concern is that the switch needs to switch what we want it to switch…makes sense? J

Sometimes however the client wants some more assistance from us (specifically in residential applications) in the placing and switch locations. But everyone has different logics and thoughts about it, though in the end it just has to make sense to everyone. When I enter a place there may be a master switch creating a “welcome mode”. When I then enter a room I should find a switch at the entrance to switch on lights as needed. When I reach a specific work or activity space I should be able to activate the local lighting. when I leave the room through another exit, I should be able to switch off right there rather than having to walk back to the entrance. Hence a so called 2-way switch may be required. If there is a need for mood and ambiance then dimming switches may be required. In more sophisticated environments we may elect to use multiple control panels with pre-set scenes. All this has to make sense with easy to understand and operate lighting controls as key to the enjoyment of our lighting designs…then there is the issue about the many different brands and executions, but that is another story 🙂

Light Watch 3-16: Lighting controls from simple to sophisticated; single switches, multiple switches, touch screens, motion& light sensors, mobile phone and Ipad apps. Beside lights they can often do many other things including audio, video, security and climate control. Pictures courtesy of Legrand and Crestron that we have been playing with recently for some residential project applications.


08. February 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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