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Bangkok 24th February 2012

Today I was the guest of WE-EF, one of the top leading brands in exterior lighting. For many years Thomas and Alex had asked me to make the trip and see for myself but busy schedules and other “excuses” always resulted in not going. Not that I needed to be convinced as over the years besides my Frankfurt updates, WE-EF representatives have always taken the time to visit our offices and show the latest products, but there is another dimension when you visit the “home” and “birth place” of the products.

I have visited many manufacturer factories over my life as a lighting designer from Europe to China, and knowing the team behind the brand, the people who make everything possible and most of all seeing first-hand how quality is implemented (and assured!) in the products that we specify adds a great level of confidence and comfort (…or not depending which manufacturer you visit…no further comments) when making design decisions towards your specifications. A factory visit does not lie, you can see for yourself how much research and development goes into the realisation of a product, what quality control means in the manufacturing process. A clean and well organised factory generally reflects on the quality of the products it manufactures.

WE-EF’s strength undoubtedly is their years of experience in understanding what it takes to create a product that not only looks good on installation but lasts and still performs to full satisfaction many years later. Too many lighting designers focus on a quick end result, from a nice rendering to some nice photo-shopped pictures of the completed installation. But do they really consider the hassles of installation, the need for worriless maintenance to assure the lighting installation keeps performing year in, year out. It is the age –old challenge to balance the short term (low capital costs) versus the long term view (low operating costs). And here-in lies the value of these workshops and factory visits for us designers, it provides you with the touch and feel hands on experience, the seeing is believing, that provides you with that extra confidence and ammunition (contrary to just a catalogue experience) to convince your client why he should invest a little more in quality.

Light Watch 3-25: Courtesy of WE-EF here are some mood pictures of the workshop. A day well spent…



25. February 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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