Between hope and glory

Delhi 17-18th February 2012

What an interesting day it was yesterday…and once again always expect the unexpected!

A presentation that had been planned to start a 1pm, with 4 teams presenting 30 minutes each, finally only started at 2.30pm to finish around 6pm. The meeting room from the Delhi Tourism Board was very small, located in the middle of a tourism handicraft park, with no internal waiting facilities, effectively leaving us waiting outside…some chairs where put outside for us to sit and wait on but it was an uncomfortable feeling with all these tourists buzzing around you. Lucky the weather was clement. We couldn’t really wander off in the handicraft park too far as we might be called up at any time. I wasn’t really in the tourist/shopping mood but I understand some managed to secure some good buys while waiting 🙂

After all team presentations were made (I felt we did a really good job) we were all called back into the meeting room (some standing only) to be advised that after long deliberation there would be a resubmission request. Due to new design changes that had just been approved by the minister that same morning… quite a deflating feeling after having been full of anticipation that some form of decision would be made after months of work…

Our lives as lighting designers are very much a roller coaster ride between our hopes, disappointments and glories, every project again. We go in with high hopes, sometimes facing disappointments and rejections and sometimes facing success and glory if it all works out. In between lies a vast stretch of uncertainty and unexpected turn of events…

Light Watch 3-22: Talking about unexpected things, I was totally surprised to find a lighting item on sale in the inflight duty free sales on my way toDelhi. Not an ordinary flash light or so, no a healing lamp, marketed as a “collagen booster and skin lightener” ; basically lighting for anti-aging and as a skin whitener. In this time and age where energy saving, sustainability and wellness are the trends of lighting, it was unexpected to see such  (seemingly advanced) product sales in an inflight magazine! A lot of lighting research is being done in the welness area these days and while a lot is potentially commercial crap riding the wellness wave, I would assume Singapore Airlines has checked the credentials before putting it on sale?

18. February 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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