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Singapore 13th February 2012

If having a website and being connected to the internet was the key for staying in business just a few years ago (Bill Gates once famously said that those companies not on the world wide web would not survive in business) it is communicating through the social media which is now a must. For years I resisted sites such as Facebook and Linked-In but have succumbed recently when I discovered that they provide more than 50% of the traffic to our website, more than Google search. I was quite surprised to find out. I also started a Twitter account out of curiosity but honestly my blogging and other writing commitments keep me busy as it is, so the account is not active. Interestingly I have still new followers joining weekly despite that I do not tweet…:) Huh? Can’t they see I haven’t twitted for a year? Likewise I am getting requests left, right and center to connect with people on facebook and Linked-In eventhough I have never ever met them…eventhough I share through my daily blog, I feel I dint have to share everything….I connect with people I know…

And that is the danger of these sites, you join by the click of a button, who cares. There is an oversupply of info and opportunities and as a result people loose common sense I think. I have joined several discussion groups on Linked-In to get a feel what is playing in the market. I read and find some interesting subjects, but seldom comment for the same reason as I don’t Tweet. Sometimes I think I should hire a ghost writer as I am sure a lot of celebrities do. I was approached by one recently…but really…I cant get some one else to blog for me! How to convey my thoughts and feelings? By the time I have told someone I have already written it down. Blogs are personal. And on top of that it take me less than 30 minutes to write.

I am amazed what people write sometimes. Some (lighting designers!) even use these media to plainly ask how to do lighting design!

Light Watch 3-19: Today a look at how a combination of 1000’s of points can completely change our perspective. The first is the use of 1000’s of LED’s at Gent’s (Belgium) recent Light Festival. The LEDs create a beautiful cathedral. In the other 1000’s of colourful stickers in a white space totally blur our vision….(from the site

13. February 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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