A leap of faith

Singapore 29th February 2012

Today is a leap day, one of thise days that only come along once every 4 years, to bring us back in sync with the actual earth’s rotation around the sun. My grandmother (Dutch side) was born on this day, but she always celebrated it on the 1st March…otherwise she would have died very young  🙂

Today’s leap day brings me to a “leap of faith”, subject of my blog for today. I attended an interesting product launch from Eyelite Singapore this morning; presenting us a high quality LED lamp range featuring the latest CREE chip technology and taking the “big” guys like Philips and Osram head on. If I may believe their data sheets and the information presented, their lamp performance outshines their competitors and positions them as one of the leaders of the pack. I haven’t had the opportunity to use their lamps in practical project situations yet but I am prepared to make a “leap of faith” as the quality of the presentation and the in-depth technical knowledge showed me that these guys clearly know what they are talking about (trust me I heard a lot of sales crap over the years!). As proof of their own faith in the product they give an unconditional 3 years replacement warranty on all their products (even if you use it 24/7).

The lamps are manufactured by OEM producer LEDZWorld in Penang, Malaysia, and from my understanding they control each step of the process. All components are bought in or manufactured separately and all R&D, development and quality control is done in house, leaving nothing to chance. All their products comply to the stringiest standards, KEMA, UL, IEC, Energy Star, RoHS and so on, each lamp certified. With great attention to thermal management, optics, mechanical and electrical detailing it specifically addresses issues of concern that determines the final quality (and longevity) of the lamps performance. Issues such cooling, binning, efficiency(Lm/W) and power factor (does anybody talk about that and how it affects the actual energy load?), colour rendering and so on. LED’s are as good as its weakest link; what good is a 50,000 hrs chip life time if one of the other components in the system only achieves 10,000 hrs.

My leap of faith is that I need to go with the times and these times are changing so fast in LED land that I need to find my bearings with companies that know their stuff and can substantiate their claims with the goods. I am old school, brought up with incandescent, fluorescent and gas discharge technologies, I know what to expect and all the pitfalls that come with these technologies. But with LED we are all learning…every day. To move forward we need to be able to sift the goodies from the baddies as there are too many incompetent players trying to ride the LED band wagon. This presentation certainly provided me with some more comfort.

Light Watch 3-28: A peek into the Eyelite LED product range, courtesy Eye Lighting Singapore. One of their patented technology is the colour temperature adjusted dimming

29. February 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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