Year of the Dragon

Singapore- Mumbai 25th January 2012

We returned to work today after the Chinese New Year holidays that has just brought us the year of the Dragon, for many the anticipation of an auspicious year ahead. The year of the Dragon is considered by many as the luckiest animal in the 12 year cycle of the Chinese zodiac. Interestingly the Dragon is the only animal in the zodiac which is not real! Maybe this year will be unreal! 🙂 But it is seen as a symbol of power, superiority and rule. I have always been interested in Chinese/ Eastern philosophy, simply because I live and work in this part of the world and have had many exposures to it. While at times it may seem strange to the down to earth thinking we as westerners have, there is a lot of merit in the eastern thoughts and ways and I have at several occasions been able to appreciate its working. Think Feng Shui for instance..

So will the year of the Dragon bring us lighting designers good fortune this year? With all the misery around the Eurozone and other uncertainties in the world we can certainly use some good fortune and if the year of the Dragon can bring us that little push, we will all be happy. I have many projects cooking in the kitchen which I hope the year of the Dragon will bring to fruition! This is one of those times that you want the auspicious nature of the Dragon to definitely work for you!

Then luck also has to be forced your way. We can’t sit still and just wait for things to happen. Action, perseverance and self-belief are probably the key ingredients to get what you want. I certainly have great hope and expectation for this coming year of the Dragon and wish you all the same. I am on my way to Mumbai, who knows what new opportunities await me there! Go Dragon, go! 🙂

Light Watch 3-9: Chinese New Year is celebrated throughout the Chinese community in the world and lighting is a big part of these celebrations. Below some pictures of the Chjinese New Year of the Dragon…Gong Xi Fa Cai everyone…

25. January 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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