Singapore 14th January 2012

It was not because yesterday was Friday the 13th that I did not upload my blog…I was simply on the run most of the day with hardly any time behind my laptop…and no, I am not that much into my IPhone or Ipad that I use these to tweet or blog on the run…I need to sit down behind my laptop in my comfortable office chair with a proper key board! That sounds so old fashioned already….20 years ago that would have been unthinkable…Anyhow I got up early yesterday for a run of meetings, before I flew back to Singapore later in the afternoon. On arrival in Singapore in the evening I went straight to my friend’s wedding anniversary party and “landed” in my bed well after midnight. This morning I had another client meeting after which I had some errands to run…amazing how busy you can make yourself be at times 🙂

My subject for today (yesterday) has to be superstition…it is known that many top performers, whether in sports or arts, have superstitions and rituals before they start their performance and I guess that many of us, even in our daily life and work, may have small little ones we openly or secretly follow before starting the day or work. So what about superstition in lighting design??? I am not really superstitious but sometimes catch myself avoiding (if I can) “unlucky” numbers such as 4 or 13. It can be for the date on my fee proposal, my room number in a hotel, my seat number in the plane and so on. Even when it comes to quantities, for instance the number of down lights, the length of a cove. Sounds silly, and sometimes it just is what it is, but somehow it runs in the back of your mind…what if…

There are probably many other small little superstitions that you may have, let me know. Would love to hear some of yours!

Looking back on yesterday’s Friday the 13th it was actually a very good day, had great successful meetings, a project payment confirmation, a potential new job, a newly restarted job that had been shelved, my flight arrived early… I went to bed very satisfied; this edition of Friday the 13th was a great day 🙂

Light Watch 3-4: I am always in awe about how daylight creates the visual world we live in. I spent my New Year’s holidays in Britanny, France and saw some beautiful plays of light and shadow, sunset included, specifically as in the winter the sun is low on the horizon creating string shadows and colours. I usually don’t share my holiday pictures but here are a few for you to enjoy.





14. January 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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