Recharging for the year ahead

Perth 10th January 2012

So what has been happening in lighting design land these past few weeks? December saw the usual busy end of the year rush to get things finished before Xmas with many companies slowing down towards the end of the year. End of the year parties, D&D’s for many. While we had some projects rushing us to issue work out before Xmas, we did have a relaxed and informal dinner with the team and family at an iconic location in Singapore to sound out the year. Some companies I am aware of, have new year’s get togethers, to charge up the batteries for the new year ahead. I think it is always good to take time out, a step back, whether at the end or at the beginning of a year to look back at the year past and look ahead towards the things to come. Team spirit, direction and motivation in small practices like ours are crucial. Taking time out to be with family and friends outside work are as important.

Looking ahead I must say I have mixed feelings. On one hand I am a bit worried about the economic woes the world is facing notably the Eurozone situation, which may affect our lighting design projects in smaller or bigger ways, who knows? I have a distinct feeling that some project developers have put the brakes on projects, delaying the start, slowing down the pace of work and most markedly of all taking their time to pay! We have noticed several of these happenings over the last few months. One of our project clients stopped a whole project mid way and sold the whole development just like that…we are unsure whether we will be asked to complete the job. It would be interesting to hear from any other colleagues whether they have similar experiences.

On the other hand however we also are looking at some really great opportunities and projects ahead, some confirmed some in the process of confirmation that are getting us excited and full of anticipation. We have entered a competition last year which results should be known soon, I am scheduled as guest speaker at lighting related events in Manila and Qatar in the next few months and last but not least my book is finally out and honestly I am really proud and excited about the end result! The reactions have been really nice so far. Thanks to every body who helped realise this book!

Light Watch 3-2: As always every year (and still on my bucket list of to do thing) is the ice festival in Harbin China. It goes without saying that lighting is the key to this festival as the place seems to come to live specifically at night when the lights come on….




10. January 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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