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Goa 26th January 2012

Today is Republic Day in India and National Day in Australia. Why is it that I always seem to end up working on public holidays! As I write this, fireworks are probably illuminating the skies in Australia, in Perth under a sweltering summer heat with day temperatures as I heard today reaching over 40 degrees.

I am back in Goa for the finishing touches of our Grand Hyatt project. I have said regularly that your design is as good as the final implementation. Doing a great design is nice but it remains a design. Only when it is fully implemented and completed can you judge how good your design was. Before you reach that point you would have gone through many, many hoops and overcome many, many obstacles. We have projects were the client sort of takes over at the end and leaves us out the final completion, most of the time for budget reasons, taking the opportunity to reason themselves out of the final fee payment…very common in this part of the world.

But this client is serious in completing the project not only to their own satisfaction but also the design consultant team’s satisfaction, a rather rare happening. We all convened here in Goa to list out all issues and work out solutions to remedy this together. A sort of pre- “defects and liability” exercise. No finger pointing, just accepting were we are and see what needs still to be done to reach a common level of satisfaction, complete with an action plan for the remainder of the works. It shows a great amount of mutual respect to be able to assess and move positively forward without blaming each other. Inevitably in large projects of this nature things get lost in translation and design intent finds itself (for whatever reason) not always translated as meant.

To me accepting this, acknowledging this and finding solutions rather than criticising is something that will surely help to make this project something everybody will be proud of in the end. I have many issues still outstanding in lighting from non-dimmable cove lights to wrongly wired or installed lights, but the fact is that to the first time guest arriving at the hotel it looks fantastic and impressive. We (as the designers) may still see all the missing nitty-gritty that needs to be done or should be there, but for the “uninitiated” it’s the first impression that counts. That the hotel has already bagged its first awards as best new hotel in Goa proves my point. See some pictures below.

Light Watch 3-10: Grand Hyatt Goa, India. Photo’s courtesy of Hyatt International group



27. January 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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