The year that was…

Singapore 2nd December 2011

In my last blog of this year, a look back on the year that was before I take by year end break from blogging…

The year started with everything fresh and new…new company, new office, no staff (just me :)) and an uncertain future, but with great expectations and excitement. There is always that excitement when you turn a page and embark on a new adventure, which is very much what the KLD experience is all about. New goals, new targets, not aiming to be bigger, but better. Quality, creativity and sustainability would characterise the key ingredients of KLD. But nothing happens without people, the core to any business, so with my dedicated and loyal staff who gradually made the move in joining me in KLD over the first few months of the year, KLD now has a great and motivated team I am very proud of.

And looking back I think we have made some great steps forward in achieving our goals. Our first sign off under KLD was the landmark Inter-Continental Hotel in Singapore and we rounded of the renovation of stage 1 proudly with our first truly 100% LED project in the process. We learned a lot about the use of LEDs specifically in regards to dimming which now serves us well in other projects that we are undertaking. We also completed two Hyatt Hotels in India which I had agreed to finish from my previous company, and the contrast in quality and technology was stark; old conventional technology versus new innovative technology. We have further happily embarked on many new exciting projects in very diverse applications which will keep us busy in the year(s) to come. You can look forward to me reporting on these in the new year. Our drive towards sustainable quality design also brought us into contact with sustainability experts and we are proud to say that we are now in the process of developing a working alliance together.

This year I also traveled a lot and visited Euroluce Light Fair in Milano and attended the 3rd edition of the Professional Lighting Design Convention, held in Madrid, a great event which saw more than 1200 lighting design enthusiasts meet and share the latest in our profession through presented papers, lighting forums or just through social networking. I was a guest speaker in Australia and just recently at Acetech in Mumbai, an event that is growing in stature year by year. New speaking arrangements in Asia and the Middle East for the next year have already been confirmed.

Last but not least this year has very much been about me and my book:” Light Talk, a tear in the life of light” the  compilation of my very first year of blogging…I can safely say that it has taken the whole year to finalise the book to a level I am really proud of. The artwork proofs have been completed and it will roll of the printer in the next couple of days! I only printed a limited run so order your copy now if you are keen. I am sure you will love it!

Have a great Xmas and a fantastic New Year! Thanks for your continued support for my blog. I had the opportunity to meet many
of you over the course of this year and know that many of you read my blog daily! Thanks, it is really nice to know!

See you all for Season 3 in 2012!

In Light Watch today, for those of you in the warmer climates and the Southern Hemisphere preparing for summer, some cool pictures to get in the “summer” holiday mood. Some innovative guys in Australia inaugurated night surfing on Bondi Beach in Sydney this week. Luminescent clothes and surfboards…lighting and fun.

Light Watch 215: Night Surfing at Bondi Beach

02. December 2011 by Martin Klaasen
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