Singapore 1st December 2011

December already! It is hard to believe we have already started the last month of the year. A few more weeks and I will have completed my first full year operating with KLD and I can say that I am really happy I made the move. My team has been outstanding and the future looks exciting in many ways. My book is at the printer (finally!), we have some nice projects on the board and even more exciting works in the pipeline. The economy in the world has been worrying to say the least and that has translated into slow progress and delay in some of our projects, but new developments and cooperations have opened up new perspectives for the near future.

Specifically cooperations with strategic partners seem to be a way to build some security for the future. But entering into a cooperation in regards to lighting design services can be tricky. You work with people you know first and foremost and further than that your aim will be to associate yourself with people who have earned their stripes in the business and are recognised by their peers as being good at what they do. Over the years I have build a strong network of friends and business relationships and now I feel the time is right to convert this in some strategic partnerships that will eventually result in a win-win situation for all. If that cannot be achieved the cooperation is doomed from the onset. Besides that the key ingredient for any relationship is trust and respect and some of the people I am now surrounded with have this trust and respect for each other. We have formed some joined partnerships for projects this year and this is now starting to bare its fruits and will result in an exciting new year ahead.

Tomorrow will be my last blog of the year as I will be talking a well-deserved break till the New Year, as I did after season 1. But not to despair…I will be back with Season 3 in the new year!

In Light Watch today a look into the not so far away future of OLED’s. They already exist, are already available, but commercially they make not much sense yet. But they will be certainly part of our (sustainable and lighting) future as we can integrate the flat and flexible surfaces in many ways. Most of all they can be made transparent and act as a window during the day and as a (continued) light source at night.



Light Watch 214: OLED’s

01. December 2011 by Martin Klaasen
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