Singapore 11th November 2011

Do you believe in numbers? This Friday was the 11th of the 11th of 2011. Many people have some form of “superstition” and attached some good fortune to alignment of numbers. I have always been interested in numerology (as I am in Fengshui) and there was even a time where I made sure my fee proposal added up to “lucky” totals. Though I do believe in the  energy and thoughts behind this I am not that hung up about it and if it does not work out, it doesn’t. But I like balance so I will generally work things out so the numbers “balance” out. Anyhow last night was an auspicious night for many and most specifically for Space Furniture who choose the date to launch their new showroom, their Asia Space Hub. Space is well known in Australia and owned by Jeff Harvey (from Harvey Norman) who was duly in attendance last night as were most of the “who is who” in the design world in Singapore and key principals of most furniture brands from around the world.

The Space showroom is located in two heritage buildings linked by a modern 4 storey glass building along Ben Coolen Street and besides the top furniture brands also showcases Flos and Luis Poulsen with their latest lighting products. Hence many of the local lighting designers had been invited to the chique launch party. The product that caught my attention was a large dining table with a built in “lazy susan” that had a remote control to rotate the dishes and as it did so it lit up, LED of course. Localised LED back lit mini switches at each seat allowed for people to stop-start the rotating table personally as well. It is incredible how LED lighting is now integrated in even the most luxury furniture pieces! The showroom is beautiful and worth a visit…and check out the circular staircase leading to the roof terrace! All in black and white with perfect lighting from an oval fitting at the top and soft wash from under the stairs…well done.

The evening was good fun with and a great time to catch up with friends, colleagues and business relations in the industry. In Light Watch some snapshots I took with my Iphone.

Light Watch 200: Space furniture Singapore Launch Party

12. November 2011 by Martin Klaasen
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