Perth 14th November 2011

Finally back in Perth after a long time away, to catch up on some work here. Time and again I love the feel of the crisp and nice weather when I arrive. Even though it was partly cloudy, the sun (23C)and the breeze made it another nice welcome confirming why I love this country and lifestyle… 🙂 Such a relaxing contrast after the hectic living styles of Mumbai, Jakarta and Singapore! My son came to pick me up and we took the opportunity to have a bit of a catch up over lunch and coffee…I am in town for his (30!) birthday this weekend, quite a milestone!

As you grow older (and hopefully wiser) you look at establishing a life that provides you with passion for what you do. A life without passion is a life without direction and meaning. Having a passion for whatever you do is elementary to happiness. I had this discussion with my son as he has reached a stage in his life where he wishes to find that passion that will drive him the rest of his life. While he enjoys his life and his work provides him with the needed satisfaction, he feels he misses that spark, that ultimate passion. I can without doubt say that it is the love and passion for my work that has driven me through all the ups and downs in my life. If not for that, I would have had a really tough time surviving the down times such as the recessions in 1997 and 2008, my divorce and other inevitable disappointments that happen along life’s path. So I can therefore understand my son’s feelings and sort of retrospect at this time in his life. Even for myself I am not sure when I realised that lighting design was my passion. I know that when I first met with the lighting design department of Philips during my job interview I loved what I saw and the energy I felt, but I am pretty sure that the passion grew over the years. Yes it was instant love, but it then took time to grow and fester in an indestructible passion!

In Light Watch a look at some-one who must have had a passion for lighting design, Louis Poulsen. The classic Danish designs such as the “artichoke” must have come from some one with a love and passion for lighting. The passion is reflected in the consistent way the lighting design is implemented in the different types of light…

Light Watch 201: Louis Poulsen

14. November 2011 by Martin Klaasen
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