Singapore 28th November 2011

LOHAS? What am I up to now? 🙂 LOHAS stands for Lifestyle Of Health And Sustainability…Apparently this is one of these new trends and believe it or not somehow Singapore is a front runner in this. Over the weekend Ale and I “escaped” the city to go to
the Kranji Countryside an area in the far North of Singapore (sounds far away but really in Singapore nothing is further then 45 to 60 minutes’ drive, depending traffic conditions). The area also houses one of Asia’s nature heritage sites, the Sungei Buloh Wetlands, a sanctuary for (migrating) birds on their way between Northern Asia and the Southern Hemisphere.

But this weekend our goal was to visit the organic and sustainable farming that goes on in the Kranji area, as we have committed ourselves to living a more healthy and sustainable lifestyle, not only in what we eat but also in our work as designers. Get a taste (we had our lunch there) of what is going on, the see, feel and touch routine. Not much about lighting but my point today is that in
order to perform and be passionate about what you wish to accomplish (in lighting) you need to build an environment that is conducive and will stimulate and motivate you along the way. Hence getting in touch with nature and see what other people do to create a healthy and sustainable lifestyle is an important part as I am driven to steer KLD into a fully environmentally responsible and sustainable lighting design company.

In Light Watch some (daylight) pictures from our trip to Kranji. While it was of course all about organic and sustainable farming, I also immensely enjoyed the play of daylight (and shadow contrasts) with nature. A little rain shower did not damper our spirits and added another dimensions to the scenery with suddenly dark clouds and reflections from water puddles added in. I always maintain that we get a lot of inspiration for our lighting designs from Mother Nature…judge for yourself! For good measure I did spot solar powered lanterns…

Light Watch 211: Kranji (Bollywood Veggies)

28. November 2011 by Martin Klaasen
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