Singapore 24th November 2011

One of the key things in life is our health. All our intelligence is worth little if you do not have the physical health to back it up. Today I had my medical check-up, something that I started to do on a yearly basis since a couple of years now. Not that I feel that there is anything wrong with me, other than being overweight with a bad physical fitness, but I feel more comforted knowing a specialist has checked me up to give me a clean bill of health. I will have the full results in a couple of days, but generally all looks fine.

My main (and principal!) resolution is really to get myself in a fit physical shape. Like any other discipline whether sports, trade or business person, to perform we need to be physically fit. Form follows function they say, well let me add that mental fitness follows physical fitness and health…My life as a lighting designer has me travel to different continents with different cultures and time zones, has me work at odd hours with exposure to instant climate change, thousands of people (did anyone see the movie Contagion?…) and not to forget food! .Anyhow it requires a strong physic (and stomach). Socialising with clients, eating meals in airport lounges and planes, all part of the deal in my case. So watching out for your health is a must, certainly as you get older 🙂

In Light Watch some pictures of one of the projects that I designed with my team at Lighting Images just before I started KLD. It is a so called medi spa, a concept (I believed I blogged about it in season 1) where spa is mixed with medical facilities (with proper specialists) and where you can combine a hotel stay with any spa or medical treatment you require. I was not involved in the final installation nor have I seen the project finished but I found the hotel advertising through their website ( with pictures showing how it looks in a finished state. But it feels like something is missing…ah I know…my finishing touch 🙂

Light Watch 209: Xixuan Spa Hotel, Xixi wetlands, Hangzhou, China

24. November 2011 by Martin Klaasen
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