Day and night

Goa 2nd November 2011

Yesterday I had a lot of “situations” to share, really no disrespect to the site team, but just typical issues I am sure happen in many
other projects. This just happens to be a reasonably big size project (I don’t how many kilometers I have walked today, but I am surely loosing weight when on site, yeah!) and hence the number of issues popping up are just amplified when you start putting them together. Today I want to share some day and night pictures, to show that the team really is doing a great job in getting it right.

So another Light Talk and Light Watch combined  🙂

Arrival at the resort

Main lobby atrium with their feature pendants

Lower level lobby lounge

All Day Dining private area

All Day Dining Outdoor Terrace

View on the main building

Unfortunately the roof lighting was cut out of the budget…notice
the difference at night? A different building, right?

There is a ruin of an old chapel in the landscape, great for outdoor
function background.

There is much more, but enough for today, its well past 1 am in the morning, the guys are still fixing some electrical issues, so we can complete the final programming tomorrow.

Light Watch 195: Day and night

03. November 2011 by Martin Klaasen
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