A day on site

Goa 1st November 2011

Can you believe it? 1st November already, where has this year gone! Today I would like my pictures do most of the talking. I
have spent most of the day on site aiming, focussing, programming and rectifying site problems or inventarising lighting issues to be resolved. I thought it would be nice for a change to share some of the site issues or just site observations I have encountered today.I do wish to give credit to the site team. All these pictures below are just to show the bag of issues faced on site, but not meant to blame anyone. A lot is inexperience or the result of so many other factors, like budget, coordination and so on.

So this is Light Talk and Light Watch combined 🙂

-programming and focussing, many people only 1 or 2 actually doing something!

Problems with recessing uplights, not enough depth, and oh, what do we do with the gear? Yes the housing maybe IP65 but the wiring into the housing??

Fire alarm to add some punch to the artwork. Uplights could not be recessed,so we build a base. Why put the vase next to the base, probably nicer to have the vase ON the base!

Dimmer racks…still a total and utter mess! How can we expect things to actually work! At least on the right we are making progress with cleaning up.

Typical sloppy installation …or not. Left supposed to have a proper concrete base…what is this with the base plate being bigger then the concrete base? What about the wires…armoured in a conduit? Ha-ha… Right watere feature uplight…oh well its just laying there aimed to nowhere…

Visit to the store on site….wow so many lights still un-installed…this is worrying…

Cove problems everywhere. T5 as well as LED linear cove lights. Here we are testing the wiring of the LED. On the left clearly to be
seen the LED cove lighting is producing next to zero output.

Problems with power supplies…so I find some “temporary” fixing of the problem. No further comments.

Giving directions about location sometimes gets lost in translation. The uplights are so far out they miss most of the tree when we
switch on the lights

What is this? Ok they could not get the light in the pot, but cant we get it concealed behind?

Finally not so much lighting, but those damn security machines spoiling all the great arrival experiences. Do note the floor lamp in front of the Hotel sign, who decided that?

Light Watch 194: A day on site

02. November 2011 by Martin Klaasen
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