A day back in the office

Singapore 8th November 2011

Back in Singapore, back in the office today for a “normal” day at work, as yesterday was a public holiday. Team meeting in the morning, catching up on emails and other outstanding admin matters, attending to some specific project issues and (believe it or not) planning my next schedule of travelling was pretty much what my day was about.

We are also currently bidding for a big government project which requires a lot of preparation. We are part of a joint venture team and need to provide the input for the lighting design concept. Not that easy as at this stage it is a bit of a speculative design, not something I generally subscribe to, but I feel it is worth the effort. The shortlisted candidates will get paid to further develop the design. So we need to get it right in terms of design concept, general specifications and bill of materials and costing. That has kept me busy most of the afternoon. We hope to complete the design by end of the week. This kind of work comes on top of our regular consultancy work so we have to balance our efforts and input with our day to day priorities.

Today I also received some statistics regarding the PLDC event in Madrid which are interesting and I would like to share here. First of all the number of participants, from 1072 in London, to 1130 in Berlin and no less than 1227 in Madrid! While very much a “European” affair still, it is specifically the overseas participation that has shown a steady increase and confirms the growing interest in our profession! Well done and looking forward to Copenhagen 2013!

In Light Watch the statistics of PLDC in terms of the participants as provided by Via-Verlag, the team that did such an excellent job in organising the event. Thanks!

Light Watch 197: PLDC Madrid 2011, statistics

08. November 2011 by Martin Klaasen
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