Walking a fine line

Chennai 5th October 2011

Still in Chennai, finalising some site issues and archiving defects and liabilities so we can report back on what is till outstanding or in need of urgent repair, replacemnt or modifications. It will probably take us another week or so to compile our final report and issue that to all parties concerned for follow up. It’s always tricky as one can be easily tempted to play the blame game…as I mentioned yesterday, diplomacy will certainly be a good virtue in order not to alienate too many people and get things properly finished in good spirits.

As in most cases (like here) when it comes to hotels we deal with two parties; the owner client who hired us and pays our fees and the operator who will have to use the premises we have designed and to which standards we (in principle) have to comply. As we are on the hotel operators prefered list based on past performance (Hyatt in this case) we need to certainly satisfy the operatinal site as well as the investor site, these two are not always and necessarily on the same page!

As the investor has been very tight in their spending (what’s new!) we have ended up with a lot of non specified, incomplete and alternative solutions that not necessarily represent our original design intent.  The fine line that we walk is to accept or reject (for whatever it is worth) of what has been installed versus what is the minimum acceptable to us and the people (operator) who have to run the place with what is being provided to them. I had a good talk with the GM today and came to an agreement on the way forward and the understanding that some of the remedial or outstanding works would be taken up by the operator themselves under our guidance. I think a realistic and positive attitude, it’s a fine line but we will get there 🙂

In Light Watch today let me share some site pics take of different areas that show the general intent in terms of lighting ambience and mood. There is definitely potential in these, but there are quite a number of pics I cant show you …..ok, I am off to
the airport shortly, it has been an interesting couple of days.


Light Watch 177 : Some mood pictures from our project in Chennai

05. October 2011 by Martin Klaasen
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