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Singapore 13-14th October 2011

Phew….I think we all have that feeling at times when you know you will be travelling for an extended time and need to get all those things done before you leave. Suddenly all seems to come together at the same time giving you that feeling that the next 24 hours will not be enough to get yourself ready in time. I am about to leave for Europe (PLDC Madrid next week!) and have some extensive travel planned in the weeks ahead afterwards as well, so I need to leave the office organised and well directed before I take off tonight. I started this blog yesterday but just could not find the time to complete it…not much time to do todays entry either!

It is easy to get lost into details and keeping your head clear about what is important to be done by you now or what can be delegated to others or what can wait till later or when you are  back is an art .In short you need to multi-task in the short time left…Over the last few days we worked on fee proposals, concept presentation and project and travel planning and not to forget the last hand to my book! Add in the mix some admin issues, contracts, payments and you pretty much the picture. I need 36 hour days at times! Anyhow, of to go packing in a bit, get a bite and then to the airport. Next blog from Europe!

In Light Watch today a look at how fast the integration of building materials with LED’s is happening. It is my anticipation that in maybe less then 5 to 10 years half of our lighting systems are LED building component intgrated systems. This company (Alucobond) will be prsenting their latest products in association with Traxon in Singapore in about 2 weeks. Here is a preview as sent to us this week.


Light Watch 183: Alucobond product application pictures

14. October 2011 by Martin Klaasen
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  1. I am building my house, can I use your lighting product in my house , if yes who should I contact

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