Reality bites

Chennai 3rd October 2011

Out in India again for some site commissioning work. I don’t know what it is but life here in India always seem to drag on endlessly not in the least because of the pace of life caused by traffic jams, the general mentality and work ethic. In India you either run or sleep…This project is now entering its 5th year (!) for me and still we are not fully completed and handed over. The Hotel is already “fully” operational, but funding issues have dragged the completion far beyond the initial targets and the end is still not in sight!

The hotel has a major art collection throughout the public areas (interior and exteriors!) commissioned from some of the most famous artists in India. The development of these art pieces happened parallel to our architectural design and while we had some prelminary ideas and provision for the lighting of the art based on reference photo’s only, now that most of the art is installed lighting has to follow put. Small little detail, the final art pieces are in many cases different in final shape, form and configuration some even in different locations. So basically all our initial provisions are sort of out the window. I am not talking about your average wall painting or typical art object mind you, these are major commissoned art pieces some strecthing over several stories
and modelled in 3D shapes. Good lighting can only be achieved by on the spot visual trials!

Where reality bites is that all comes at a costs. Talking to the artists today who’s heads are mostly in the clouds, their suggestions and their ideas for the lighting all sound fantastic, but the reality is that the hotel is more or less completed, certainly all the fit out and finishes, the spare power provisions are minimal, meaning that besides the actual costs of the suggested artwork lighting, the infrastructural costs of implementing it (basically as an add-on) will be prohibitive. We will have to find solutions that are realistically feasible, certainly with the client having limited funds or some how find some new funds! Reality bites, what a shame, but at the same time, what a challenge! I have my work cut out for the coming days!

In Light Watch today see some of the reference artworks and the lighting we are trying to achieve…

Light Watch 175: The reference art works

04. October 2011 by Martin Klaasen
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