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Singapore 25th October 2011

Travelling around the world to attend PLDC and being away from the office for a week becomes easier as you become more established as you have a team behind you that can support and “cover” for you. But what you can’t delegate is your personal recovery from jetlag and travel fatigue. I arrived back in Singapore after missing a complete night’s sleep (I pretty much went straight from the gala dinner to the airport in Madrid to catch my return flight from Amsterdam to Singapore. Basically another night without much quality sleep! When I arrived in Singapore at 6 am the next day I just managed to have breakfast with Alex
before she went off for her trip to China! I then caught up with my staff at 9 only to get so tired to spent the rest of the morning fast asleep, that really helped, as I had a conference call with one of my clients in China in the afternoon. That turned out to be a near 3 hour affair! Did not manage to do much after that and basically hit my bed again straight after dinner, only to wake up in the middle of the night…

I could not help thinking of the perfect circadian day…can somebody please regulate my circadian rhythm system! It was not too bad though, but I suspect that as I get a bit older my recovery speed from intercontinental time travel takes a bit longer. Today I was much better and have managed to log in a full day of work including another teleconference call and an outside design coordination meeting. I will not make it late tonight as tomorrow I am hit with another early wake to catch a 6.45 am flight out to Jakarta. On top of that I realise it is a public holiday in Singapore tomorrow! Everybody else has a day off but I somehow managed to con myself into a business trip to Indonesia!

In Light Watch some pictures from Madrid not from me but from another globetrotter. Paula Rainha won the Philips World Tour competition that sees her now tour the world in I believe 3 months or so in which see visits cities and places around the world and blogs about what inspirational lighting she sees. I wish her a safe and enlighted tour!  Pictures from and

Light Watch 189: Light World tour, Madrid, Hotel Puerta, Rio, Matadero

25. October 2011 by Martin Klaasen
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