I-Light Marina Bay 2012

Singapore 10th October 2011

Today I spent most of the time finalising my entry for the I-Light Marina Bay Festival to be held in March next year. I participated last year with an entry called the whirlpool and really enjoyed the event. So being invited again this year I am keen to put in another entry and built on last years experience. In fact I was rather inspired over the last couple of days conceptualising the artwork and ended up with not one but two different concepts that I both liked. Torn apart I decided to submit both…as the festival is under government supervision also in regards to the selection of artworks it is hard to say what the final selection criteria will be. I am sure there are some political choices to be made to make it a balanced international event. I entered as a local (Singapore) artist.

Participating in such festival is not as simple as it looks. In my first participation last year we learned a lot in regards to the
practicality of the concept. While the idea was great we had totally miscalculated the efforts (and costs) needed to create a lighting artwork floating on the water! Not in the least because we could not just take a dingy and go over to the floatng platform, as it was governemnt water only authorised boats are allowed on the waters, forcing us to rent a government dingy every time we had to go there. At an hourly rate that went pretty quickly! Add to that the complication to get power on to a floating platform, making sure all was well fixed and installed…So this year my artwork is landbased!

One thing is for sure, the simpler the better! The more complicated the more things can go wrong. One of my submissions is projection based and is more a programming thing rather then an installation headache. The other is a bit more manual and structural, but by itself simple and straightforward. Hope we get it right this time! Whether one or both of my artworks will be
selected I don’t know but regardless I certainly had fun working on them. Will let you know!

In Light Watch today some pics from other entries in last years I-Light Marina Bay Festival.




Light Watch 180 : Artworks I-Light Marina Bay 2010

10. October 2011 by Martin Klaasen
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