Pacing yourself

Singapore 23-24th September 2011

A weekend edition for a change! One of the few things that I have told myself is to pace my life. It is often a “rat” race to survive and keep the company going but to slow down and take time out and enjoy more quality personal life has become increasingly important.  There is life besides work only. It turned out late on Friday, one of the local suppliers threw a party at the occasion of
the opening of his new showroom and warehouse, always nice to catch up with colleagues and friends in the business and show support to the local lighting market. But as a result I did not have the pufff to write my blog. Hence the weekend edition 🙂

Pace is the key word for this weekend for two reasons; First pacing yourself is key to survival not only in the lighting design business but in any business is my belief. We have a Dutch saying: “hard lopers zijn dood lopers” which I believe translates as “runners are runners dead”. We are in for the long run, not just short term succes, at least I am not. Lighting design is my passion so I wish to be able to that for still many years to come! There are always new kids on the blog that start “running” like mad but I have learned that succes comes with a balanced life and most of all health! Hence the importance of pace. This links in with the second reason as this weekend sees the worlds only Formula 1 night race taking place here in Singapore. I was witness to the very first start in 2008 and will make sure I catch part of the action tomorrow night. I guess this is the ultimate expression of pace…it does not come much faster and intense then for a person racing in F1. From the drivers we hear that the classify this race as one of the toughest on the race calendar, not in the least because of the street circuit with his many turns, bumby track and high
humidity and heat. It should be a good race.

In Light Watch today some mood pictures of the F1 circus on the go at Marina Bay. Besides the actual  race there are many other activities going on like rock concerts (Boy George, Shakira, Linkin Park) right on and around the circuit. All at night under the  magic of light.

Light Watch 168: images F1 Singapore

24. September 2011 by Martin Klaasen
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