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Singapore 17th August 2011

There are so many creative souls on this planet, it is not surprising something new and clever is being designed all the time.  Yesterday I came across a new concept called the Sleep Box, for people who want to take a quick nap but don’t really have time or wish to go to a hotel. We live in a busy society and travelling from A to B or being on the “run” is one of the major pass times in our lives. Understanding that people get tired and have time to kill at airports, railway stations, convention/ expo centres and the like, the concept of this Sleep Box was born, a small cubicle, less than 3m2, with all the basic necessities. While the bed is the main element it has all the extra facilities that one may need, including Wi-Fi, TV and so on. I assume the cabin is near sound proof.

But what intrigued me most, as there is little reference other than some photo’s on the designers website, is the lighting. There seem to have been some good thoughts about lighting as I noticed different lighting modes. The cabin has large daylight openings at the top allowing daylight as well as privacy. However the natural light component can be totally shut off leaving the artificial lighting (I assume LED) to do the job. Therefore energy wise it can be a big wattage consumer. There is a mode for general lighting, cleverly integrated and a mode for night lighting, with an easily understandable control panel. It does not mention but I would assume that a dimming function to personalise the lighting levels is an option. Interestingly the website shows an option for UV lighting (tanning?).

A very clever concept certainly in regards to lighting. It is probably a small step to develop some “jetlag” and “health” menu’s where people can be advised on how to use light for holistic purposes.  Would love to check out one…well done!

In Light Watch the link to the website of the designers, the Arch Group from Russia; the website shows several application photographs of which some lighting related ones are reproduced here. Recommend to watch the YouTube video of the whole concept which is also featured on the website.

Light Watch 144: The Sleep box lighting modes

17. August 2011 by Martin Klaasen
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