Older and wiser?

Singapore 2nd August 2011

It is often said that you get wiser as you get older…I think we all like to think so, but I guess it is to those around you to judge and appreciate. Having been in the lighting design trade for more than 30 years now I definitely feel I have something to contribute with so many experiences from so many projects, so many countries, so may people. Hence I am always honoured when invited to guest lecture at major public events. With confirmed invitations for upcoming guest speaking events in Australia , India and the Philipines over the next few months I feel people value my experience and I am really grateful for that. Together with my blog and my regular articles in the professional media I find this vary satisfying and gratifying.

Over the years I know I have been able to impact many people in the lighting business and beyond through the sharing of my knowledge and today many of them remain in touch and are good friends. I have never been afraid to share my knowledge, on the contrary. I feel that through sharing I can only learn, grow and become better at what I do. I have never understood why some people are afraid to share their knowledge and expertise. What are they afraid to loose? The student overtaking the master?

Guest speaking, writing and sharing expertise requires you to be on top of your subjects, at least if you are serious about it. In order to present 100% I need to be 150%, to present the best I can. Sharing invokes reactions and questions and while things may be basic knowledge to you explaining yourself to an audience requires clarity and simplicity, not high tech talk that may look impressive but does not necessarily help the cause of explaining. I want my audience to be involved and leave satisfied and hence I derive as much pleasure in preparing my presentations as in presentng them. A good preparation is half the work and creates that confidence to expertly lead your audience through the story you want to tell…

In Light Watch today some more pictures from my Goa project. This time however these are cropped and resized to just show some visually pleasing compositions. It is interesting how you can create images (in this case from some of our decorative chandeliers) that makes you dream away in the magic of light.

Light Watch 134: Lobby (top) and ballroom chandelier close ups

02. August 2011 by Martin Klaasen
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