Google Lighting?

Singapore 18th August 2011

We are undoubtedly emerged already in what will be the future of communication. Mobile phones, tablets, blogs, social networking sites… I feel rather old fashioned as I struggle to keep up with all these I-phone apps, Facebook friends, Google searches, Linkedin links, Twitter tweets, blogs and so on. Mega companies like Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon are racing  head to become the kings and queens of this digital age. This morning’s newspaper featured an article about it and noted how these companies from so different backgrounds and origins are gradually merging towards each-others core technologies. I blogged about lighting becoming potentially the carrier of data for the future…help, we are in the middle of it!

But you have to go with the times if you don’t want to be left alone, so we have recently embarked on a more aggressive pursuit of embracing these networks and technologies (rather than fighting it!). Once you start surfing the net, it is quite amazing how many people, groups, social links and forums are actively talking into blogosphere about lighting. I have been doing it now for nearly 2 years on a daily basis on a shoestring time schedule, but major companies like Philips and others have whole publishing and marketing teams devoted to it and can actively draw on their own people as well as the brands pulling power in general. Once you get into this it is like you enter another dimension in life, one that can so totally absorb you that you wonder how to get back on earth to actually do some lighting design work! I know it is part of our lives now but if you ask me I’d rather go for a walk and enjoy nature and sunshine!

PS: On another note, in my search for links and interesting lighting sites I stumbled on the Philips Lighting Community site which features a blog called…yes, Light Talk!…from the site it can be seen that it only came into life a year ago, well after I started my blog in 2009…That is a shame as my blog is featured as part of the PLD magazines website and has become a daily read for many. This is the one and only Light Talk!  Guess I should be honoured 🙁

In Light Watch today just another example that the big boys in communication are gradually getting into our lighting profession as well! Just recently Google unveiled an LED light that can be controled by ther Android system. The lamp has simply a wireless radio transmitter build in which allows for the data communication. What’s next?
See one of the links at:

Light Watch 145: Google controlled LED lamp

18. August 2011 by Martin Klaasen
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