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Goa 25th July 2011

This week I will spent my time in India partly in Goa to continue the commissioning of a hotel project, part to meet some other project and potential clients. I arrived yesterday in Goa after flying in via Mumbai. Surprisingly, for those in the know with domestic flights in India 🙂 my flight from Mumbai to Goa was perfectly on time, so much so that we started boarding 45 mins ahead of departure time and taxiing to the runway 10 mins ahead of take of time! Quite typical for India, sleeping or running, somehow there is no in between state…

On site here the situation awaiting me is quite similar. Without disrespect, things happen when you shout (figuratively speaking) and if not attention is distracted and somehow previously agreed work becomes less of a priority. On my fist day on site yesterday (after not having been to site since March!) I spent all my time combing the site area by area from interiors to exteriors to get myself a “realistic” picture of the state of affairs. In company of the chief electrical engineer and the project manager I roamed the  site during the day and same again during the night and made my notes for todays meetings and work.

Started the day with meeting the project manager and site team to review my assessment, get a team feedback and subsequently set out a work schedule for the coming days. I find that in most cases progress and quality of work is directly related to the pride and ownership that the site team takes into carrying out the works. For various reasons the team has changed composition several times, so it was first a matter of establishing responsibility, motivating those involved and make sure all the right troops were mobilised for the works at hand.

The next step is to tackle area by area identify, eliminate or remedy any fault or malfunction that is encountered. These are things like replacing/ repairing failing bulbs or fittings, checking and signing off on each and every circuit as activated by the lighting controls and so on.  Subsequently the “troops” are brought in to action on this. Only when all this is in proper working condition, can I start programming scene settings for the various lighting moods required. Today the restauants and reception area were our first target, tomorrow I plan to tackle the ballroom…

In Light Watch a mood picture of the project by day taken during my last trip to give you a feel of the project. Its big, with 10 guest blocks a spa building and some more presidential villa’s.

Light Watch 127: View to the main block housing
lobby and restaurants

26. July 2011 by Martin Klaasen
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