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Delhi – Goa 28-29th July 2011

It does not happen that often but yesterday I wasn’t in a state to write my blog. I was on the move all day in Delhi visiting clients and ended up having drinks and diner with some friends taking me to late in the evening. The amount of alcohol consumed, combined with a quite hectic and long day, had me fall asleep the moment I returned to my hotel and hit the bed sleeping. Today again I had a full on day in Delhi with meetings. Throw into the mix the notorious traffic jams going from A to B (I was told that Delhi has the highest density of cars of any city in the world…I believe it!). I don’t know how people do business in these cities (Jakarta, Bangkok, Mumbai, etc) because it is practically impossible to make appointments and stick to the timing. I feel like I have spent as much time I the car as I have attending meetings and doing my presentations.

Being on the move is part and parcel of our profession. We don’t run our business and design from behind our desk only. We meet potential clients to introduce ourselves and show off our capabilities face to face, we attend design coordination meetings with the project team, we meet with suppliers, manufacturers, check out factories and light fairs and are on site to test and commission the lighting installation for a satisfacory hand over to the client. As principal of KLD I have added responsibility towards the client and need to show up when needed to take ownership on behalf of the company and the commitment we have taken on. The bug stops with me, right?

Travelling can be very unsettling and stressfull certainly when stranded in a traffic jam with a plane to catch, but I have learned over the years to take my time and not to stress when on the move.

In Light Watch I would like to high light a project in Delhi I was involved with many years ago (more then 20!) when still with Philips and working with Philips India. The Bahai Temple located on the now outskirts of Delhi. At the time it was located well outside the city but nowadays the growing city has caught up with this beautiful temple build as a lotus flower. The building is considered iconic as it faced similar structural challenges when it was build a the Sydney Opera House. The lighting however was a bit easier to accomplish. I did not have time unfortunately to go visit though I passed nearby and saw it from a distance. I have to assume that the lighting has been upgraded since it was first installed.

Light Watch 132: The Bahai Lotus Temple New Delhi (Google pic)

30. July 2011 by Martin Klaasen
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