Jumping eyes closed

Singapore 20th July 2011

Next week I will be out in India (finally) starting the commissioning a hotel project I started designing about 4 years ago. It will be a one shot visit (at least that is what it looks like) to settle all lighting issues and program all the lights into mood settings in the process. The project has unfortunately run out of funds some time ago and it has hit the final completion of the project considerably over the last year, delays being one of them. Delays in supplies, delays in installation and simplifications along the
way to meet the limited funds available to finish the project. As I am writing this blog the dimming supplier is racing to complete the lighting controls in time for my arrival, electrical contractor is still installing light fittings!

I was last on site early this year but at the time the site looked like still many months to go with the majority of the lights yet to be
delivered or installed and everything on site slow going. With a renewed energy and some fresh funds the opening date has now been set for the 1st August but the foreign consultants have mostly been kept at bay, communicating only via internet or phone, but no physical presence on site (“cost saving”).

Though overall the site looks really nice at first sight we as designers are aware of how every detail should be, perfectionists as we are, and 100 times more critcal then the uninitiated hotel guest that will step into the property later on. But that is what we are about and why we are hired, to help achieve the best possible end result. It’s always in the details and being on site to make sure our design intent is met as closely as possible. Normally I know pretty much what I am in for but right now I feel like jumping in eyes closed!

In Light Watch I want to show how much design and reality sometimes can differ when budgets come into play. A few years ago
we designed the lighting for the renovation of the Marina Mandarin Hotel in Singapore. Below are the pictures of the original façade lighting proposal and the final realised façade lighting. The first with RGB color changing LEDs, then  single T5 tubes to practically a bare front! Spot the difference? 🙂

Light Watch 126: “From Ritches to Rags”

20. July 2011 by Martin Klaasen
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