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Singapore 14th July 2011

After a restful stay in Holland and France it’s back to work again! I know from experience that flying back to the east somehow creates more jetlag problems (for me) then the other way around. I had my first team meeting a few hours after landing, but went to catch some sleep after that. I did sleep on board during the 12 hour flight from Paris to Singapore but its not the bests of sleep. It will take me a 1-2 days to re-adjust…

Today is “Quatorze Juillet” (July 14th), the National Day of France and traditionally sees the Tour de France cycling race finsih with a big climb up a mountain. The arrival is in the Pyrenees city of Luz Ardien a bout 1700m above sea level. As I write the blog they are about half way the stage with the big climbs still to come. I have always been a great fan of the Tour even playing Tour games as a young kid. The Tour is a great metafor for endurance, patience and strategic thinking, something we as lighting designers need a lot! And to continue the similarities, it generally ends with great fireworks, a fight to be the first at the finish. Completion of the stage (read project) should give great satisfaction if you have been able to compete at your very best level and know that you gace it your all for the best result. Life as a designer is much the same, when we give it all we can and we complete the project with the best possible result we look back in satisfaction, even if we did not necessarily win.

Like in the Tour we have to build in a “rest day”, re-energise, take stock, plan ahead. Our holidays are crucial as to not burn out. Thanks to a great team we can do that. With some new projects under our belt I am ready to fire again… 🙂

In Light Watch today the fireworks, like all national days around the world it is celebrated with fireworks to mark the occasion. It is amazing how many national days there are around the world. There are now so many countries and autonomous regions that there is nearly a national day to celebrate each day of the year somewhere around the globe. Australia had it on the 26th January, Singapore will have it on the 9th August next. Fireworks is a big business, its is also magical to watch. Some websites offer live streaming of the firework events.

PS: I hope you like the new refreshed look of the blog 🙂

Light Watch 122: Fireworks in Paris on Bastille Day from

14. July 2011 by Martin Klaasen
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