Perth 16th June 2011

Patience is a virtue they say…In our job as lighting designer we need to exercise patience at various times, in many ways, specifically with clients. They take their time with everything. Specifically when it comes to appointments and payments. Both of course are financially related. An appointment means a financial commitment, so most of them wait till the last moment to appoint you, maybe in the hope that they can eventually do without you as our profession is still one of those last items on the budget. It is getting better but still generally is…there is also a fine line between being patient and harassing the client on whether he has made up his mind to appoint you.

When it comes to the actual payment it is one and the same. In general clients wait till the last moment (and beyond) to pay you, at times applying all the tricks of the trade to delay the payment. Promptly paying clients are rare and if you have one, treasure them! Of course a happy client is more prone to pay then an unhappy one but as we are generally part of a greater team not everything always goes smoothly. Budget overruns also do not really help!

Patience is also required within our own team. As the boss you may have the greater overview and experience, but your staff is still learning. This requires patience and a good dose of understanding and anticipation. You need to know their strengths and weaknesses, understand and know what to expect and show leadership by example. Positive direction always works better then negative put downs.

I came to this subject today as somehow two people from two totally different backgrounds I worked with many years ago but had not been in contact with for more than 5 years suddenly re-appeared in my life by contacting me for projects. Out of the blue…I couldn’t help thinking that patience had something to do with it….

In Light Watch today I have to mention the lunar eclipse that was visible in western australia last night. The presence of the volcanic ash cloud made the surface of the moon even redder. Sunlight blocked by the earth is bended around the earth through the atmosphere and provides this reddish soft glow to the moon. .

Light Watch 112: Lunar eclipse, Perth

16. June 2011 by Martin Klaasen
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