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Perth 17th June 2011

Travelling from continent to continent, country to country, climate to climate, culture to culture as I do as part of my job confronts me with many different life styles and most of all paces of life. I like to compare the speed of life in Perth/Australia to life on a bicycle, Singapore to life in a car and Shanghai/ China to life in a F1 race car. It illustrates the pace of life which totally reflects the pace of work. Perth is located in the state of Western Australia also shortened as WA. Most people say WA stands for Wait Awhile… 🙂

I love being in Perth (for a while) as it is an oasis of calm when I work there. People take their time, there does not seem to be a sense of great urgency (compared to doing business in China) and overall people seem to treasure and enjoy life more. It sort of brings you down to earth a bit. Then of course there is the climate which somehow also dictates lifestyle….there is a life after work…but then after a while I start missing the hustle and bustle of Asia. It is a good balance and I believe it also keeps me balanced (and energised!)

I am fortunate to travel and be exposed to all these different influences as I believe it makes me a better designer understanding all these different
influences that makes up some ones way of life. It does however require you to slow down (or speed up) and adapt to the pace of life, not always  easy…. After a week in Australia I have considerably slowed down in my pace adapting to local life and business style, but it relaxes me and since my kids are here I can spent some quality time with them in the process….

In Light Watch today a reflection of the Perth life and business style…the city skyline at night. It is winter and dark early (around 5.30pm) so there are still some lights on in the few office towers the Perth Central Business district has. But contrary to many world metropolises there are hardly any fancy façade lighting or flashing advertisements to be seen. The big calmness…
Have a great weekend!

Light Watch 113: Perth City sky line

17. June 2011 by Martin Klaasen
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